Spiritual life coaching

Let's talk spiritual life coaching.

Having spent decades in martial arts and meditation practice, my coaching tends to takes a certain spiritual aspect. In fact, I love to work with clients on body / mind / spirit balance because it creates such a whole and peaceful life.

But sometimes talking about spirit can make people a little hinkey.

"Hey is this guy going to preach to me, or turn me into some kind of satan-worshipper."

No, sorry.

First, let me say that foremost I am a coach. I take a nonjudgemental position with all of my clients. That means I accept where you're coming from, no matter what your personal beliefs.

I am not going to try to change your religious orientation, or your atheism, or your dedication to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I am not going to preach to you.

What is spirit?

Spirit can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. And there are plenty of people who believe that there is no such thing as spirit. It's all fine.

When I speak of spirit in a coaching context, I am talking about simply a connection to that which is greater to ourselves. For you, maybe it's God, or the universe, or nature, or humanity itself. I think we can all agree, unless one of is a horrible narcissist, that there is something bigger and greater to us.

In my experience, our vision and connection to that thing - whatever we call it is important.

Having experienced many practices, the things that stick out for me involve connection. Connection to a community, to humanity, to the Universe, to a mission that positively affects the world I live in.

For me, it's like adding nuclear fuel to the engine that drives me.

And, human beings are wired for connection. Hugs mean oxytocin streams through our bodies. We live longer in loving pairings.

I assume my clients are eventually headed for something greater - whether building a vision, a legacy, or merely enhancing those connections.

This is the work I love.

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