What do you REALLY fear?

What do you fear?

For most people, the easiest answers may be spiders, or heights, or public speaking. But when we take a look past the surface, what really scares us?

What are the fears that hold you back? What's keeping you from living the life of your dreams?

One of the interesting insights I had recently is that  one of the things most people fear is their feelings.

Here's a scenario: Joanna is afraid to start a new business because she's afraid she might fail. If we were to go deeper to find out what about failing scares her, we could uncover the core of the fear.

She might say that if she fails she'll feel worthless, or ashamed, or embarrassed. But all of these are just feelings.

A lot of what holds us back is being afraid to feel the feelings we might feel in the future.

The really great news about this, is that this is something that's quite easy to overcome with some coaching.

I have had clients go from fearful and reserved to unstoppable powerhouses. That's exciting and it drives me. It's something I love about the power of coaching.

For now, all I can say is this. It's OK to feel fear. It's OK to feel embarrassed. It's OK to feel your feelings. It's what you do while you're feeling them that makes the difference,

One time I was told, about an hour in advance, that I was going to be interviewed in a live talk show. I was incredibly nervous, and had no time to prepare. I decided to embrace the feeling and just let it come up.

I felt nervous, did the appearance anyway. Afterwards, numerous people complimented me on how well I did. I was the only one who knew how nervous I was.

If I had chickened out - I would have missed a great opportunity. I did the show, had a great time, and I survived my fear.

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