Life is short, don’t be a dick

don't be a jerkHaven't you heard? It's cool to be a nerd now.

At the risk of sounding like my grandfather - when I was growing up, being into nerd stuff could get you beat up. But now, all the cool kids go to Comicon. Adults collect comic books, and figurines, and play video games more than kids do.


The newest craze is Pokemon Go. A mobile video game that has people out and about trying to catch digital monsters.

I don't play, so forgive me if I got this wrong.

I the social media cesspool you'll find no shortage of people bashing people for playing Pokemon Go. I've seen some cruel shit too.

It usually goes along these lines, "If you're over 20 and you play this game your'e a loser and an idiot."

Let me ask you something. Why is that necessary? Why does being a dick make you cool? Let people enjoy what they enjoy, and get on with your life. I'd rather see someone play Pokemon than waste two seconds of my attention on such tiny-ego based drivel.

Another social media phenomenon I see is people taking pride in not doing popular things. "I have never watched a single episode of Game of THrones," proudly declares one set of folks after every single episode.

Well awesome. I hope you're not relying on being contrarian for your sense of self worth.

Be happy with yourself, let other people be happy with themselves. Live and let live. Get a life.

I mean this all with love of course - and I'd like to see more love and less bashing.

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