Midlife coaching not crisis

If you're in or approaching that age, now may be a perfect time to engage midlife coaching.

You may be stabilizing your career, in transition with your family, or looking to get more from the rest of your life.

With coaching, you could make the next years the best in your life.

Personally - I'm finding my middle years to be the most transformative and rewarding. I love what I do, I have a great family, and I'm able to give back.

Good coaching is proactive, solutions focused, and helps you build a future in alignment with your core values.

The Midlife Crisis is bunk

The midlife crisis - an emotional crisis involving identity that happens at some "middle" age. Thing is - it's not real.

Research shows that the "midlife crisis" is actually a myth. One can go through a crisis at any age, and there's no special.

If you find yourself in actual psychological crisis, a good coach is going to refer you to a therapist. Coaching isn't therapy.

But if you find yourself looking to enhance life satisfaction - hire a coach.

The Midlife opportunity

For most people, the middle years are where personality is stabilized. Your core values are set. Your goals are going to be in greater alignment with who you really are. And this is an area where great coaching flourishes.

Many people focus on contribution at this stage in life. What can you give back?

This can be an amazing opportunity. And, with the help of a coach, you'll be set up for success and satisfaction.

How to start midlife coaching

First things first: find a good coach.

Of course I'd love to talk to you about being your coach. You can click here for next steps to set up a conversation with me.

If I can't help you, I'll refer you to a coach who can.

But get yourself a good coach you resonate with.

When you talk with your coach take an attitude of curiosity and willingness to explore. This helps you to get the most from your coaching.

Here's to your great life!


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