Just one tiny thing to crush your goals [lifehack]

How are those new year's resolutions coming along? Write that novel yet? How far along are you at learning French this year? How are you doing with your goals?

OK - I don't mean to be cruel. Hopefully if one of these things belongs to you, you're doing fine.

However, often we set ginormous goals for ourselves and never get going.

Why? For most people - it's inertia.

Think about the epic task of learning a new language, or writing a novel. There's a gajillion large pieces that have to come together. It's overwhelming.

My martial arts instructor used to say - the hardest part of class is getting in the car. The call of the warm, comfortable couch is just too much.

And, for crying out loud, you've been training for two months and don't have a 10th degree black belt yet. What gives?

So I've got a killer strategy for destroying inertia I want to give to you today. Now normally I'd make you pay me a bunch of money for a coaching session to get this - which you should totally do anyway. However, I'm feeling generous today.

Goal Crushing Strategy

Take your goal. What's one thing you really want to accomplish. Now ask yourself. What's the smallest thing you could do right now that moves you in the direction of getting that goal?

The absolute smallest.

So small, in fact, that it seems almost silly. But the one rule is it must move you forward.

Here are some examples:

  • Want to write that novel? Create a new folder in your computer to hold your writing.
  • Want to start a meditation practice? Close your eyes and count ten breaths.
  • Want to get into shape? Fill up that water bottle.

Keep it small.

Advanced, super-secret, bonus, ninja goal-crushing technique

Honestly congratulate yourself and mindfully pay attention to any good feelings that come up. Let's build some great feelings around moving forward.

Do this every day and you'll find yourself picking up larger and larger chunks. Momentum will overcome inertia.

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