Shamanic Coaching

We are all descended from shamanic cultures. Shamanism, as a spiritual practice has existed across the globe, in hundreds of cultures, for tens of thousands of years. The shaman's way of healing is part of your spiritual birthright.

As a life coach who has spent the past couple of years doing a deep-dive into shamanic healing, I find the two practices dovetail perfectly.

What is a shaman / shamanic healing?

The word shaman comes from Siberia and loosely means "one who can see in the dark." In shamanic cultures, the shaman was responsible for all aspects of life. A shaman might divine the right time to plant crops, help solve interpersonal issues, and conduct healing.

Shamanic healing is the healing of body, mind, and or spirit with the help of a trained and initiated shamanic practitioner. The tools a shaman may use vary widely, but usually involve trance work where the practitioner communes with helping spirits to determine the cause of an issue and repair it.

I have personally experienced deep healing during my training and work with other practitioners. I have witnessed others transform literally before my eyes. This is body, mind, spirit healing on steroids.

So how does this fit in with coaching?

Solutions-focused and transformative life coaching dovetails well with shamanism. I strive to combine the two to help my clients create the best possible results for themselves.

First, in both shamanism and solution-focused coaching, I am not the person doing the work. Coaching is best when the coach knows when to step-aside and allow the client's natural brilliance to shine through. We start with the assumption that the client has all of the solutions, we just hold space and commit to processes that allow those solutions to emerge.

We are not in the advice business.

Likewise, a shaman strives to be a "hollow bone" a conduit for spirit. He or she likewise steps aside to allow healing to occur. He or she sets powerful intentions, then steps aside to allow spirit to work.

Combining the two

In my work as a coach, I usually do not enter a deep trance journey with a client over Skype - though I certainly could if they wanted. But there is a stepping aside. I am constantly guided by intuition and a deep connection with my clients' spirits.

One of the things that sometimes surprises people about coaching is that the coach doesn't do the work. Working with a great coach who's a good fit for you is a transformative experience. You will change your life, and you will change as a person.

You will gain a sense of clarity that you might not have thought possible.

Every client is different, so it's difficult to describe the transformation you'll go through when you engage a coach. I think it's safe to say that you'll change for the better.

If you'd like to experience the power of coaching with a coach trained in core shamanism, contact me.

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