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My Story

I started my career in information technology - working with some of the largest companies in the world. I loved being able to solve complex problems and bring greater value to people's lives. What I discovered is that I liked working one on one with people the most.

martial-meMany people in computer science are spiritually conscious - meditation, yoga, and martial arts are common practices. Drawn to body / mind / spirit integration since youth, I have spent most of my life training in and teaching martial arts. I've had the honor of teaching in places like US military bases, Harvard Medical School, and a shelter for pregnant teens. Along the way, I have used body / mind practices to deepen my connection with myself and with something greater - which I happen to call spirit.

John Moore family I took a short detour to work in publishing and marketing. I got to go to some great parties and learned a whole lot about fashion, advertising, and people.

About a decade ago I became a dad to amazing twin daughters. They are smart, beautiful, and deeply spiritual humans who challenge me daily. There is no greater joy in my life than spending time with them.

Getting to know me, you'll find that I have a pretty wicked sense of humor. I find that this helps reduce stress, and build a closer connection with my clients. Humor is very important to me.

Recently, I have embarked on a year-long apprenticeship in shamanism. It has brought me significant insight, and made me a better coach, dad, friend, and community member. I have studied solution-focused coaching with Erickson International.

I am committed to helping people build a life they love, full of passion, and with a deep sense of connection.

Why I work with spiritually conscious professionals

I have always felt a connection to something greater than myself, and have a sense of community with other spiritual seekers. As a shamanic practitioner, martial artist and someone who has lived in teh world of business for decades - I understand what it means to walk in both worlds. I understand the unique capacity for spiritual seekers to build amazing, powerful lives, that ripple out to affect a larger community.

As a solution-focused coach I work from the principle that people are already perfect as they are. I believe that everyone is whole, enough, and deserving of a loved life. The best coach is the one you build the strongest connection with. This way, you are able to bring forth the very best that is already inside you and shine.

I love to bring principles from my shamanic work as well as my decades of martial arts training to bear during sessions.

Some of what I've done

I overcame a severe skeletal birth defect. Doctors told my parents when I was born that I'd probably never walk. Not only did I walk, but I have participated in sports, and achieved a 3rd degree blackbelt in jujutsu. I know what it's like to overcome the hurdles of other's expectations. I know how artificial and limiting obstacles can be.

Recently, I was approached by an acquisition editor to write a technical book. I worked very hard writing under a tight deadline and it should be out in the next month. I understand what it takes to go for what you want, and how to stay committed to goals

I am all about new and different experiences - especially when they create a greater connection. I have travelled the entire continental US, in Europe, and Asia. I have appeared as an extra in two movies (once as a zombie and another time as a dead body). I have hosted a radio show, and even danced with a guy in a gorilla suit on live TV.

Your Next Step

Thank you. You're awesome for taking the time to read about me. If you're ready to go deeper and build your loved life, we should talk. Take the next step and tell me more about yourself here: Your Next Step.

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